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Retail Mall Kiosks Corporation

The Retail Mall Kiosks Corporation is a designer of high quality and durable custom build kiosks in use by customers all over the USA and Canada. The reason is simple, we deliver sturdy kiosks tailored to customer demands for a price more commonly associated with mass produced models. We believe that every customer is unique, and a mall kiosk should reflect that. That is why our retail kiosks come in all different colors, shapes and sizes and can be customized for your specific retail business needs. And in case you want something totally different, we design and build one from scratch. Our kiosks are outfitted with latest LED lighting fixtures, locking mechanisms, tempered glass, recyclable materials, new materials and the possibility to add your company logo or slogan which means an all-in solution. That is why we are known as the “go-to” partner for so many customers before you. Contact us and experience it yourself. We are The Retail Mall Kiosks Corporation, welcome to the custom experience!

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Why Choose RMK

Great quality, great (custom) designs, great service and attention to detail do not come cheap.

Our attention to detail and service go unmatched. Any questions that you may have during the design and manufacturing process are answered quickly.

Whatever the size, shape or color, Retail Mall Kiosks will design and build it to your specifications without delay.